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This time of the year, you will find me uncharacteristically quiet, as my heart is so full that sometimes I can barely speak! It has been such a joy to watch each and every one of our students grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually this year. This is the harvest of all the work we have done. Take a moment to stop and enjoy the genuinely amazing people your daughters are maturing into!

My hope is that you have some quality family time this summer. You continue to be the primary educator in your child’s life, even if they act like they aren’t listening! Your influence over your daughters is incalculable. One of the keys to growing your relationship with an adolescent is to seize the moments when they are in the mood to talk. Set aside whatever you are doing and truly listen to all she has to say. These moments are precious and life changing.

Be sure your daughters stay connected to their friends over the summer, too. I’m sure it would come as no surprise that your daughter is also heavily influenced by the friends around her. If she is heading over to a friend's house, use your Villa directory to contact her parent and invite them over for coffee. Create a group chat with the parents of your daughter’s friends so all of you can stay on top of all the fun things they are doing. This investment with other parents will help tremendously in your understanding of what your daughter is doing when she’s out of the house.

I will be here over the summer months, working with our support staff to be ready for a terrific fall. Feel free to stop in and say hello, as this is a quieter, slow time for me and the time when I dream big dreams for the coming year. We are committed to making 2022 - 2023 a banner year, and I’d love to talk to you about all the things we are planning for your girls. I wish you each a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Jeannie Steenberge
Upper School Principal