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In this year of helping our students find their passion and purpose, I am thrilled to introduce Villa’s new College Counseling Department. We have great hope in our students and their ability to be positive forces in the world, and the next step in their growth journey is choosing a college that will help them achieve their dreams. 

Alison Malbrough has been an integral part of the Villa College Counseling Department for six years and helped so many of our graduates navigate the college decision making process and land at outstanding colleges and universities. Her background in the admissions office at Washington University prepared her to support students and families as they make this important decision.

This year, we welcomed Colleen Murray back to our College Counseling Department. Mrs. Murray is excited to be returning to our Sacred Heart community. She recently moved back to St. Louis after four years in Dallas, Texas. During that time, she worked with high school students in varying stages of the college search and application process as a consultant. Mrs. Murray has experience working in admissions at Washington University and serving as an application reader at Southern Methodist University. “I am very eager to meet the students and families at Villa, to walk the familiar halls, to observe the classes, and to be immersed in the process of helping students prepare for the next educational phase of their lives!”

We also welcomed Mrs. Kristi Morris as our registrar and academic advisor for the 9th and 10th graders. She will assist students with course scheduling and planning, address any academic concerns, and strategize ways to become an even more successful student! Her educational background is in career counseling and she worked in higher education at Webster University for more than 13 years before joining our school. Her favorite part of working here is being part of an energetic, student-centered community. She has already made an impact, and she is a tremendous asset to our department.

Mrs. Malbrough and Mrs. Murray will be working closely with our juniors and seniors as they work through the college research and application process. They begin programming with our students in 9th grade. Mrs. Morris will be focused on working with our 9th and 10th graders to prepare for success once they begin the process in 11th grade. Next week, we will introduce Dr. Melissa Allen, our Middle School Dean. Dr. Allen will be the academic advisor for our middle school students. If you have any questions about college counseling, please reach out to them! We are so fortunate to have this outstanding team.


Mrs. Jeannie Steenberge
Upper School Principal