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Sandy Conway, our school nurse, is retiring at the close of the 2021-2022 school year. Mrs. Conway has been our school nurse for nine years and was a Villa and Oak Hill parent for 18 years before that. She is truly a special part of our Sacred Heart family. She has risen to every challenge and provided loving care to every child she encountered.

Oak Hill proudly dedicated its yearbook to Mrs. Conway at this morning’s Prize Day. Ms. Carswell read the dedication: “Mrs. Conway has handed out countless band aids, provided many ice packs, and taken care of everyone from our very youngest three-year-olds to our graduating seniors. You provided all of this care with tenderness and a professionalism that made you a cherished member of our VDOH community.” Blessings on your retirement, Mrs. Conway! We will miss you!

Retiring school nurse Sandy Conway with husband Phil and daughter Kate '10.
Sandy is pictured here with her husband, Phil, and her daughter, Kate '10.