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Calendar Update
  • Upper School

Students are required to be on campus only when they have an exam. Some classes like P.E., performing arts, and English do not have exams. While students are not required to be at school the entire day, they should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their exams. If students would like to be here to study, they are more than welcome; the library and large dining room will be open. Lunch will be available between exams Monday through Thursday.

Please note: The exam times for grades 7-11 will begin a half hour later than originally stated. The schedule is as follows:

Monday, May 23: 8:30 am Period 8 | 12:30 pm Period 7

Tuesday, May 24: 8:30 am Period 6 | 12:30 pm Period 5

Wednesday, May 25: 8:30 am Period 4 | 12:30 pm Period 3

Thursday, May 26: 8:30 am Period 2 | 12:30 pm Period 1

Morning exams for students with extended times may conclude as late as 11:30 am; afternoon exams for extended times may conclude as late as 3:30 pm. During exam week, after school supervision will end at 3:30 pm. If a student needs to stay later, contact Judy Bertucci at  and we will do our best to accommodate.