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Returning to some of our regular practices this school year has been wonderful! Albeit things still look a little different, we were able to restart our weekly assemblies. Divided into a few groups, our classes were able to safely join and practice Goal Four: building community. To begin the school year, I wanted to break open our school-year theme–Ignite your Passion and Purpose–a little more with the students.  I am proud to say that when I asked the students if they remembered our theme – most did!

Being a journey of self-discovery and limitless opportunity, our passion and purpose will take us farther in this journey than we thought possible. I compared it to a rocket taking off. Our purpose is like the navigation program, which points our rocket to get to where we want to go. Our passion is like the fiery engines that push our rocket so far up in the air that it leaves Earth’s atmosphere and goes beyond anything we have known before.  Always in the mood for a little fun, I passed out glow stick bracelets to the students, and we did our own count down and “ignition” (activating our glowsticks) and blasted off to a successful school year!

Dr. Peter M. Schroeder