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Congratulations to our youth track and field athletes who competed in the CYC Preliminary Meet at St. Dominic High School on Saturday. Those who finished in the top six in their event will participate in the Finals Meet on May 21. Highlights of the meet include:

  • Boys 7U – 50M Dash (70 competitors): Boston Mabie-8th
  • Girls 7U – 100M Dash (70 competitors): Isabella Bagy-2nd, Harper Johnson-8th
  • Boys 9U – 100M Dash (44 competitors): Onzo Perez-3rd
  • Boys 7U – 200M Dash (35 competitors): Boston Mabie-6th
  • Boys 9U – 200M Dash (30 competitors): Terry Dickherber-5th
  • Girls 9U – 400M Dash (23 competitors): Kourtni Rhodes-Jeffries-8th
  • Boys 9U – 400M Dash (30 competitors): Terry Dickherber-4th
  • Boys 9U – 800M Run: Ethan Morgan-7th
  • Boys 9U – 1600M Run: Ethan Morgan-8th
  • Girls 11U – High Jump: Adrianna Hernandez-1st 
  • Girls 13U – High Jump: Gertie Habel-1st, Jane Hill-3rd, Dorothea Weingart-6th
  • Girls 7U – Long Jump (34 competitors): Harper Johnson-2nd, Isabella Bagy-7th, Catherine Block-8th
  • Boys 7U – Long Jump (38 competitors): Boston Mabie-4th
  • Girls 11U – Long Jump (37 competitors): Layne Birenbaum-5th 
  • Boys 11U – Long Jump (47 competitors): Oliver Tacony-4th 
  • Girls 13U – Long Jump (33 competitors): Gertie Habel-8th 
  • Boys 9U – Shot Put (31 competitors): Grayson Birenbaum-5th
Gertie Habel '27 sails over the pole to claim First Place in High Jump
Seventh-grader Gertie Habel sails over the pole to first place in the Girls 13U High Jump.