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We are starting Club Corner to feature some of our student-led clubs. Clubs enrich our community life and allow our students to develop their leadership skills and to pursue interests and passions. This week, we are featuring the Outreach Club. This club is open to students in grades 7-12 and the club moderator is Theology teacher Theresa Wiss. The Outreach Club organizes service and fundraising events on campus. Inspired by Goal 3, a social awareness which impels to action, they bring groups of students together to participate in service projects and fundraising efforts. Ava Gueck ’22 and Anna Wiss ’22 are the leaders of the Outreach Club. Right now, the Outreach Club is leading a diaper drive for the St. Louis Diaper Bank. So far, they’ve collected over 3,000 diapers and their goal is 5,000!