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Remote Learning JK3-6

Oak Hill Remote Learning Plan
April 23, 2020 - May 21, 2020

Dr. Peter M. Schroeder, Principal  |


We will continue to make progress with our students even though we can’t be on campus together! Our faculty have prepared packets of materials and plans for each of our students to use at home through the remainder of the school year. **UPDATED April 26** Thank you, Everyone! Our teachers loved seeing you!


Dr. Schroeder is hosting assembly remotely! Click on the link below to join in. Check back each week so we can pray together and keep our students connected to their routine.


Learning together at home will look different for each student, depending on age and grade level. We hope that you, our parents and guardians, can help encourage and guide the students. We will provide clarity so that the students can work as independently as possible. We anticipate some challenges to overcome, and we want to work with you to address anything that arises. Communication is more important than ever during remote learning, and if a teacher senses that a student is having trouble transitioning to remote learning, they will reach out to you. Please let your teacher know if your child is having difficulty.


Our faculty will primarily be using Class Dojo and Google Classroom (5th and 6th grade) for regular communications. 

We will be using Loom to record lessons and Zoom to host group video conferences. When you receive your packet, please note any scheduled group video conferences. We know our students miss their school community, and we hope to help them experience connection with each other via Zoom.


We will focus on one or two powerful and authentic learning experiences each day. For our older students, we have a general plan for each weekday:

  • Mondays/Wednesdays: Math & Science
  • Tuesdays/Thursdays: Reading & Language Arts
  • Fridays: Religion, Social Studies
  • Specialty Classes: 1-2 lessons per week 
  • PE: a few fun challenges!


Students will turn in work electronically if requested by their teacher. Otherwise, any work completed can be turned in when new remote learning packets are schedule for pick up.


Teachers will get creative with assessment as we learn together. If you have any concerns about assessment, reach out to your child’s teacher. Search our Faculty Directory.


Instead of hosting face to face conferences, parents may request a telephone conference with faculty members.


It is important to note that all students who receive classroom and testing accommodations through an official school Learning Plan still have access to those accommodations. Should you have any questions about accommodations and/or Learning Plans, please reach out to Mrs. Phillips at    

Remote learning will be challenging for all of us as it is so very different from our everyday experience. Mrs. Phillips is available, through Zoom, to schedule meetings and work through any difficulty. Additionally, she can connect students and families with our network of contracted tutors who are prepared to work with students through an online platform.   


We want to continue to foster the spiritual health of our students! Our Campus Minister, Mrs. Maxwell, alongside other faculty/staff,  are creating some singular opportunities for cultivating the spiritual lives of our students even though we can’t be physically together. Our School Counselor, Ms. Pike, is available remotely as well. Ms. Pike ( can provide indirect support via email or conversations with parents. If parents prefer, Ms. Pike will connect directly with students via phone, if needed, with parent permission and supervision. Please visit our Sacred Heart Ministry and Support Resources page regularly during this time. We miss these bright and loving children every day and are looking forward to the chance to see them back on campus!


  • Our faculty are working remotely and often multitasking! Email is the best way to contact faculty over the next two weeks. Search our Faculty Directory.
  • Reading, writing, and playing are wonderful ways to learn! We encourage our students to spend time reading, journaling, and exploring during this time.
  • Go outside! Revel in the wonder and beauty of God’s creation. Our world is a beautiful and sacred place where they can find God.

Thank you for working with us as we forge a path forward as a Sacred Heart community. If you have any concerns about remote learning or if your child needs access to a device or any other type of support, please contact me directly and we will work out a plan.

Dr. Peter M. Schroeder
Principal  |