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Remote Learning 7-12

Academic Planning Team

Ms. Bridget Collins, Principal  |
Mrs. Jeannie Steenberge, Vice Principal for Academics  |


Remote Learning Daily Plan, Grades 7-12

We can’t come to school, but we do want to learn together! Starting on Monday, we expect our students to be engaged in study and work from 9 am - 3 pm each weekday, similar to a typical school day at Villa. Structure is an integral part of our school routine, so we created blocks of time that will be dedicated to the courses in which they are enrolled. Faculty will email detailed instructions and provide resources to guide students during class time. Our remote learning schedule includes Navy and Maroon days. Students will have four 1-hour classes per day, periods 1-4 on Navy days and periods 5-8 on Maroon days. 

We understand that our students may be helping to care for siblings and supporting working parents, and we are moving forward with flexibility in mind. Our teachers are also managing parenting and care obligations with teaching, and we ask our students to extend them some grace. We are going to provide an authentic and engaging remote learning experience, and we ask that our students do their best.

Parents and guardians of seventh and eighth grade students, here are your plans for the week (Links posted by 7pm Sunday for each subsequent week!):

7th Grade Remote Learning

8th Grade Remote Learning

 This is designed to give you a full and complete understanding of the academic program for the week, so you can help our students stay on track as we learn together!

Parents and guardians of high school students, encourage your students as they practice independence! Communication is more important than ever. Our faculty will reach out if they sense any trouble transitioning to remote learning. It’s not easy and we want to support everyone. We also ask that you reach out to us if you find that your daughter is having difficulty.


Students should have all that they need! If not, reach out to Ms. Collins to come up with a plan.


Students will turn in work electronically according to their teachers’ instructions.


Our faculty will be getting creative with testing during remote learning! If you have questions about assessment, reach out to the faculty member by email. Search our Faculty Directory.


The administrative team has been working hard to create an action plan for remote learning to provide an optimal learning experience for your children under these extraordinary circumstances. Our faculty are diving deep and creatively reimagining their curricula to provide an excellent learning experience for our students. We hope you will partner with us in keeping your daughters focused and on track during these weeks. 

Villa is a school grounded in relationships, so each faculty member will be present and available electronically to our students during designated class time. We are using a few different methods and programs for delivering material, assignments, and assessments. At times, teachers will hold a virtual class meeting using Zoom so that our students can stay connected to each other and see smiling and encouraging faces. At other times, the teachers will send a video or provide written instructions for classwork. 

Students will receive a plan by email at least 24 hours before their class time, so that they know what to expect. Students will need to check email regularly and spend a few minutes preparing for each remote learning school day. All of the work can be done via phone or computer. If you have any concerns about remote learning, please reach out to Ms. Collins ( so we can come up with a plan.

Our faculty are working remotely, and the best way to reach them is by email. Search our Faculty Directory.

We are focused on quality, not quantity. Family time is so important, especially now. Please encourage your daughter to finish her coursework during the designated class time so she can relax and enjoy the evenings.


Our College Counseling team is available for Zoom meetings or conference calls during this important time for our juniors and our seniors! Please reach out to Mr. Tejada, Mrs. Malbrough, Mrs. Alessi, and Mrs. Wegman to touch base. They are happy to talk through questions or concerns and provide guidance and support. 


It is important to note that all students who receive classroom and testing accommodations through an official school Learning Plan, still have access to those accommodations. Should you have any questions in regards to your or your daughters accommodations and or Learning Plan, please reach out to Mrs. Phillips at  

Remote learning will be challenging for all of us as it is so very different from our everyday experience. Mrs. Phillips is available, through Zoom, to schedule meetings and work through any difficulty. Additionally, she can connect students and families with our network of contracted tutors who are prepared to work with students through an online platform.   


We want to continue to foster the spiritual health of our students! Our Campus Minister, Mrs. MacArthur, and our Theology teachers are creating some singular opportunities for cultivating the spiritual lives of our students even though we can’t be physically together. Our School Counselor, Ms. Pike (, is available remotely as well. Please visit our Sacred Heart Ministry and Support Resources page regularly! Parents, students, or faculty can email to connect or make an appointment. Ms. Pike will be able to call or video conference to provide solution focused counseling and support during this time.

We miss these impressive young women every day and are looking forward to the chance to see them back on campus!


Ms. Bridget Collins
Principal  |

Mrs. Jeannie Steenberge
Vice Principal for Academics  |