Clubs & Activities

In keeping with the school's philosophy of educating the whole child, Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School offers a wide range of co-curricular activities which foster the intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual development of the students. Activities and organizations are meant to build community, encourage leadership, foster social awareness, and develop within the school community a spirit of service. Clubs and other organized activities give interested students opportunities to grow and mature through additional responsibilities and commitments. The student activities program also offers opportunities for academic enrichment and exploration in areas of personal interest. So that the needs and interests of today's student may be met, the faculty and administration encourage and support the development of new clubs and activities. Clubs and organizations meet during regularly scheduled activity periods and also outside of school hours.

JK3-Grade 6

  • Chess | Students learn this classic game and compete with each other while working with the St. Louis Chess Club.
  • Fencing | Students work with an Olympic-level fencing master to learn the styles and discipline necessary for this craft.
  • Art | Students work with the Oak Hill Art Teacher to create artwork in different mediums.

Grades 7-8

  • Student Council | Selected students organize community-building events, promote the Goals and Criteria, and assist teachers as needed.
  • Campus Ministry | Students organize bible study/prayer groups for our middle school.
  • Chess Club | Students learn to play and set up tournaments.
  • Robotics Club | Students build and program robots before demonstrating for their middle school classmates how they achieved a special task.
  • Theater Club | Students attend play practice and tackle improvisational games.
  • Walking Club | Students have a chance for gentle exercise around our beautiful campus, even in cool weather.
  • Show Choir | Students perform song and dance
  • Intramurals | Students play in tournaments for sports they select.

Grades 9-12

  • National Honor Society | NHS is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.
  • Student Council | To represent the interests of the student body through initiatives, programs, and services that enrich students’ lives, all done with the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools in mind.
  • Diversity Club | To promote diversity, acceptance, and understanding in our community.
  • Service Club | To give students opportunities for service as well as examining diverse cultures and lifestyles.
  • French Club | To expand cultural knowledge of France and francophone cultures/countries, to understand the French heritage in the St. Louis area, and to broaden horizons and learn about other cultures.
  • Scholar Bowl | Competition in which subject matter in multiple disciplines is used. The activities feature head-to-head team competitions, quick response answers, time limits, or questions and use of recognition systems by participants.
  • Mock Trial | To participate in mock legal cases as lawyers or witnesses and prepare for trials while competing against other schools.
  • Varsity Club | To spread spirit throughout the school community through activities and service.
  • Art Club | To have fun while embracing creativity, learning techniques, and art history.
  • Environmental Club | To help make the campus better for our earth, work toward sustainability, and connect with other schools in the St. Louis area to create a better environment.
  • Book Club | To promote reading and books in general. We want to generate excitement for language in all its forms: novels, plays, poetry, essays, short stories, etc.
  • Chess Club | To play chess and improve chess skills.
  • Science Olympiad | To give students the opportunity to integrate all of the STEM disciplines, explore science and engineering careers, and develop close relationships with fellow team members.
  • Math Club | To discuss interesting math problems beyond the typical math curriculum. In addition, Math Club participates in math competitions.
  • Admissions Ambassadors | To promote a welcoming environment in our school as well as host visitors, speak a high school nights, and help at various admissions events such as annual Open House.