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Welcome from Our Student Council President

When I first came to Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School as a seventh-grader, I was nervous and uncertain of what the future would hold for me. Now, heading into my sixth and final year, I understand how fortunate I am to be a leader of such a loving and welcoming Sacred Heart community. 

Our Sacred Heart family extends across the country and the world. We share similar values and unique traditions with all Sacred Heart students. We celebrate multiple feast days, especially the feasts of those who have greatly influenced Sacred Heart education, including Mater Admirabilis, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, and St. Madeline Sophie Barat. We make an effort to recognize students and their accomplishments. Students receive awards at Prize Day for their outstanding achievements in academics, service, and Sacred Heart character. Our entire school community is surprised once a year by Congé, a day to set aside school work, play on campus, and celebrate. Whether it’s participating in various athletic activities on Field Day, or sharing Goûter (a special snack) together, building community is at the heart of all that we do at Villa Duchesne. 

Each day, students grow their relationships with not only their classmates but with faculty members who always have our best interests at heart. We are surrounded in love constantly by our administrators who work tirelessly to advance our education. Our faculty is committed to knowing each and every student individually, and they strive to build strong and trusting relationships. Our faculty is dedicated to advancing our education academically as well as our character and faith. Students are challenged to think critically not only about subjects presented in the textbook, but also about the current events of our ever changing world. 

One of Villa’s many benefits is our strong sense of community. We are a smaller school, but this allows for countless opportunities. With a variety of student-lead clubs, competitive athletic teams, a talented show-choir, a strong theatre program, and a wide-ranging fine arts department, Villa truly has something for every student. Students build lifelong relationships at Villa and have friendships across all grade levels. We are supportive of one another and learn from each other. 

I am confident that our community will come together this year, even though COVID-19 is physically distancing us. I am hopeful that we will adapt to the changes quickly and make the best out of the time we get together.

For all of these reasons, I am honored to be the Student Council President for the 2020-2021 school year and I am thankful for the opportunity to be a leader in our strong, loving, Sacred Heart community.


Charlotte Schoen ’21

Student Council President