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Welcome from Our Student Council President

When I first stepped foot on Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School’s campus, I knew that this school was something special. As a sixth grader, I was rightfully nervous about coming to a new school. Today, I look back and smile. With four siblings, I am a part of a big family at home. Here, I am a part of an even bigger family.

Each day, I proudly walk the halls in my plaid skirt. I’m surrounded by faculty who strive to see their students succeed, administrators who work for a brighter future, and my fellow students who are at the heart of our school. These individuals form our Sacred Heart family, and I am incredibly blessed to be a part of it.

Here, education is much more than simply tests and grades. With a wide array of course options, including rigorous Advanced Placement and Honors classes, we are challenged and engaged every day. In the classroom, our teachers genuinely care for each individual student. They help with a smile whenever we need it and teach us beyond the textbook. They educate the whole student, helping us to grow in character and look at the world with a critical eye.

Outside the classroom, there are so many ways to become part of the Sacred Heart family. There are a multitude of student-run clubs and athletic teams to join or support. We have an amazing Show Choir, a strong theatre program, state championships, a competitive Mock Trial team, and an extensive Fine Arts Department that allows each student to explore her creative side. We truly have something for everyone.

We are a family that encourages individual thinking while still valuing our Sacred Heart traditions. The Sacred Heart family extends beyond the corner of Conway and Spoede. We are a part of a global network of students and alumni who have grown up with Sacred Heart values and its unique traditions. We have Goûter (special snacks), Congé (a surprise day of fun and games) and my personal favorite, Christmas Basket Mass. On this day, our school collects hundreds of baskets of food for local families in need. We celebrate May Crowning, the Father-Daughter Dinner Dance, and Junior Ring Ceremony, where we receive identical rings to those worn by our Sacred Heart sisters around the world. Finally, our Graduation and Maypole celebrations are second to none.

We develop friendships in these halls. We learn to be strong and independent, unafraid of self-advocacy. We know every student in our class, by more than just their face. We really know our classmates. We attend a Kairos retreat and gain a deeper sense of self-awareness. We learn to embrace the world outside of these walls. We participate in global exchanges with other Sacred Heart schools around the world and take academic trips to places like Spain, Morocco, and France. We have fun. We decorate lockers. We compete in our annual House Competition. We celebrate birthdays. But, most importantly, we support and learn from each other.

For all these reasons, I am honored to be Student Council President for the 2019-2020 school year and am thankful for the opportunity to lead such a strong, kind, and determined group of students.

Maria Adamitis ’20                                                                            
Student Council President