Villa Duchesne-City House Alumnae Association

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  • A gift of $5,000 will cover one year for one of the four scholarship recipients, helping her continue her Sacred Heart educational journey!
  • A gift of $2,500 will cover one semester of one of the four scholarship recipients!
  • A gift of $500 will cover one month of the Scholarship for one of the four recipients!
  • A gift of $100 or more contributes to our sponsorship of wonderful traditions like Maypole.
  • A gift of $25 pays your Alumnae Association dues, gives you membership in AASH, helps sponsor traditions such as First Friday Goûter, and helps organize events such as Gingerbread Houses with Santa.

Sister Mary Gray McNally Alumnae Scholarship

The Sister Mary Gray McNally Alumnae Scholarship is funded by the Villa Duchesne-City House Alumnae Association. The scholarship is available annually to a student entering the ninth grade who meets the criteria shown below. Recipients receive $5000 of annual tuition and the scholarship is renewable each year of high school provided that the student maintains her eligibility. 

Scholarship Eligibilty Criteria

  • Student's mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother must be a dues-paying alumna of either Villa Duchesne or City House.
  • Student exhibits a strong desire and commitment to Sacred Heart Education and Traditions afforded to Villa Duchesne students
  • Student is well-rounded and meets the school's academic requirements for admission
  • Student must demonstrate financial need
  • To maintain eligibility students must submit a brief summary of her Villa Duchesne experiences to the Alumnae President by January 15 of each academic school year

The recipient of this scholarship will be requested to be recognized at various times throughout her high school years.

Should you have any questions about the process, please contact the Admissions office at

The mission of the Villa Duchesne - City House Alumnae Association is to PROMOTE the philosophy of education and values set forth by Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat and implemented by Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne. SUPPORT the community and traditions of Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School while serving as ambassadors. FOSTER a close relationship among the alumnae and the Sacred Heart family both at home and around the world.

All former students of Villa Duchesne, City House, and those from other schools of the Sacred Heart, who have attended for not less than one year and are acceptable to the Directress and President, are eligible for membership in this Association. All active members in good standing have the right to vote, participate in meetings, and to hold office in the Association. Questions? Please contact us by emailing

2019 Tres Bien Recipients

Executive Board 2019-20:

Directress: Sr. Nancy Ghio, RSCJ CH '42
President: Anne Warner Dorr '78
Vice-President: Mary Niemann Ciapciak '75
Treasurer: Mady LoPiccolo Ott '85
Assistant Treasurer: Amy Voloto Brand '08
Corresponding Secretary: Carolyn Miller Dames ’83
Recording Secretary: Tina Ciapciak Maher '05
AASH Rep: Laura Sliney Clark ’86

Board Members 2019-20:

Anne Horan Hegeman ’46
Patty O’Neill Clark ’55
Nancy Sauer Pollnow ’55
Patsy Dickmann Sheehan ’55
Mary Ellen Lembeck McEnery ’56
Jacque Thaman Niekamp ’62
Mary Ann Kirkwood Murphy ’63
Vicki Nuetzel Holton ’67
Mimi Hibbard Hiemenz '72
Jenny Warner O’Neil ’74
Molly McKeon Hyde ’75
Linda Sweets Martin ’75
Peggy Kane Reardon ’75
Nancy Ciapciak-Thiedke ‘80
Mimi McEnery Fonseca ’80
Kelly Sheehan Harris '80
Dede Sheehan Brunetti ’81
Angela Maley Brennan ’82
Anne Hegeman Donnelly ’82
Lisa McEnery Pollnow ’82
Christie Braeckel Besancenez ’84
Julie Desloge Dubray ’84
Laurie Hegeman ’85
Mary Catherine McDaniel Leeker ’85
Kelly Walsh Roehrig ’86
Alicia Behan Christopher ’88
Kathleen Mills Lovett '88
Margi Sheehan Dolan '89
Missy Rosenthal Leggat ’89
Gretchen Strobach Boehm ’92
Sallie Braeckel Crandall ’92
Molly Pollnow Kraeger ’92
Jodie Condie Finney '97
Mary Walsh Giles ’98
Katie McLaughlin ’98
Sunny Sims ’98
Nina Schmid Engelsmann ’01
Megan Strout Maher '04
Maggie Hyde Sedgewick ’04
Caley Barnhart Lawlor '07
Madalyn McGahan Allen '08

Head of School: Michael F. Baber
Manager of Alumnae/i Relations: Rachel Drone Gehm '88

Other Associations

Mums of Alums

Are you the mother of a Villa Duchesne and/or Oak Hill alum? Join us!The purpose of this group is to promote the goals of the school; promote sociability among its members; and contribute to our charitable and goodwill events.

"Wherever you go, whatever road you may travel, you will always find a home at the Sacred Heart. Your relationships will endure and transcend all confines of time and space because they are founded on faith, hope, and love…"
Life at the Sacred Heart, 1985

Did you receive the 2019-2020 Mums of Alums Annual Letter? Click on the link below to be informed!

Where are your amazing alum children? Click on the link below to start bragging!


Events 2019-2020

Mums of Alums Gatherings
September 11, 2019 and January 16, 2020
9 am - Lenke Global Education Center; come for coffee and snacks and catch up with other Mums. Get involved in our new school year events.

Doors of Villa Tour
Wednesday, October 2, 2019
6 pm - Front of the Towers
Stroll the campus with a glass of wine while learning about the history of the school. You are invited to bring a guest, and/or your alum daughter or son.
(must be 21 or older) Rain or Shine

Spirituality Series
November 1, 2019, February 7, 2020, March 6, 2020
9:30 am - Lenke Global Education Center and Parlor Dining Room
Religious of the Sacred Heart speakers enhance our understanding of the Society's spirituality, reflecting on the life of the founding religious.

Bonne Chance Auction Set-up
Thursday, November 7, 2019
1 - 2 pm - Kenefick Gym
Help set the beautiful tables for the school's largest fundraiser and then attend the big event on Saturday!

Christmas Basket Coffee
Thursday, December 12, 2019
9am - 10:30 am - Log Cabin
Gather for coffee and goûter and bring items to fill Mums Christmas baskets for the needy.

Military Outreach
Wednesday, February 12, 2020
9 am - Log Cabin
Collecting items for local veterans and active military.

Mums Wine Social
Thursday, May 7, 2020
6 - 7:30 pm - Log Cabin
Mix and mingle with other Mums over wine and hors d'oeuvres

Executive Committee
President: Brigette McMillin
Vice President: Ann Corrigan
Corresponding Secretary: Julie Poelker
Recording Secretary: Peg Lord
Treasurer: Terry Thornton
Immediate Past President: Kathy Hagnauer


Class Liaisons and their Alums
1987 – Pat Rebman - Kelly Rebman Leary
1988 – Susan O’Neill - Cindy O’Neill
1989 – Cathie Ott - John Ott OH
1990 – Ursula Shaner - Amy Shaner Korte
1991 – Sully Boyce - Elizabeth Boyce
1992 – Ann Boyce - Ellen Boyce Knop
1993 – Cathie Ott - John Ott OH
1994 – Beverly DeFabio - Sharon DeFabio McElwain
1995 – Anne Weidmann - Megan Weidmann Sustar
1996 – Ursula Shaner - Tommy Shaner OH
1997 – Susan O’Neill - Holly O’Neill Wanless
1998 – TBD
1999 – Kathy Binz - Nikki Binz Waller
2000 – Christy Mattis - Virginia Mattis-Clower
2001 – Suzie Weiss - Anne Weiss Parrott
2002 – Christy Mattis - Hilary Mattis
2003 – Wendy Dusek - Lauren Dusek Albonico
2004 – Susan Hartman - Leslie Hartman
2005 – Mary Ciapciak - Tina Ciapciak Epstein & John Ciapciak OH
2006 – Terry Thornton - Meaghan and Katie Thornton
2007 – Wendy Dusek - Lauren Dusek Albonico
2008 – Randy Costas - Taylor Costas
2009 – Leslie Nicolais - Serafina Nikolais
2010 – Sue Oefelein - Anne Oefelein
2011 – Julie Poelker - Lauren Poelker
2012 – Anne Dorr - Katie Dorr
2013 – Margaret Spooner - Payton Spooner
2014 – Beth Schmitt - Glee Schmitt
2015 - Peg Lord - Claire Lord
2016 - Julie Zentz - Allison Zentz
2017 - Missy Leggat - Margot Leggat
2018 - Jen Boyer - Olivia Boyer
2019 - Ann Griesedieck - Molly Griesedieck


For more information about the Mums of Alums, please contact us at



AASH Board of Directors

The AASH National Board of Directors consists of: Honorary President, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Regional Directors for Central, East, South and West.

Ex officio: National Office Director

Except for the Honorary President and National Office Director, all of the above are filled by alumnae/i who are elected by the Delegate Body of the Associated Alumnae and Alumni of the Sacred Heart at the biennial National Conference.

General Responsibilities of national board members:

1. Each board member must attend the national conference before election and at the close of the biennium and must be able to attend the annual summer meeting of the Board in the year of election and the following year.

2. Have ability to communicate regularly by email.

3. Check and contribute regularly to

4. Support the activities of the region.

What is AASH?

Wouldn’t it be nice to connect with Sacred Heart alumnae/i when you visit or move to a new city? Or, network with other Sacred Heart alumnae/i in your field? The Associated Alumnae and Alumni of the Sacred Heart (AASH) was created to unite all Children of the Sacred Heart. Through their website and their national office, located on the Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School campus, you can get the answers to these questions and more.

Contact AASH or visit their website:

The AASH National Office

phone: 314.569.3948
toll-free: 888.6-AASH-21
fax: 314.569.9468

The purpose of AASH is to foster a spirit of unity and ongoing communication among Sacred Heart alumnae and alumni and their respective associations. The AASH office is a valuable resource for the Alumnae/i Office at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School, the Villa Duchesne-City House Alumnae Association, and the Oak Hill-Barat Hall Alumni Association. Please visit and register, so that you can also utilize this wonderful resource yourself.

AASH has its roots in St. Louis. It all began in 1930 when Sarah Chambers Polk, a Maryville College alumna, decided to unite alumnae from every Sacred Heart school in the country. She was elected the new association’s first president in 1933 at its inaugural meeting in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Today, AASH is comprised of more than 51,000 women and men educated in Sacred Heart schools and divided among 45 member associations located in 26 states and British Columbia. In addition to this focus on the alumnae/i groups of the Network schools, there is also the goal to further the work of the Religious of the Society of the Sacred Heart. What a fabulous organization to celebrate the true works of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools!

Children of Mary

Children of Mary

The Children of Mary Sodality was founded in the 1830s by
St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, founder of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

It was then and continues to be now an important outgrowth of the mission of the Society, enabling alumnae and friends to continue their religious formation as adults.

In the early 1830s, young women who belonged to the Children of Mary Sodality in the academy in Lyon, France, wanted to continue their association with the sodality after they graduated. One of them wrote to Mother Madeleine Sophie Barat with three questions:

  • Can we establish a sodality separate from that of the boarding school?
  • Can others who did not go to a Sacred Heart school but who have the same spirit join us?
  • And can these receive the same official approbation as the school sodality has?

The Foundress blessed these beginnings and officially established the adult Children of Mary Sodality. Mother Barat continued to follow the development of the Sodality, seeing it as an important aspect of the mission of the Society.

To learn more and become involved in the St. Louis group, click here.

Oak Hill-Barat Hall

Oak Hill-Barat Hall Alumni Assocation

The Oak Hill-Barat Hall Alumni Association was launched in 2010 and officially welcomed by AASH the following year. More than 85 alumni and their family members celebrated the formation of this association at a summer barbeque on our campus. The association is committed to keeping the memory of Barat Hall alive at Oak Hill and provide opportunities for all of our alumni to reconnect with each other and their Sacred Heart roots.

The purpose of this organization is to provide the means for Oak Hill and Barat Hall attendees to gather together for the purpose of federation, spirit, and service; strengthen the bonds of friendship among Association members and other Sacred Heart Alumni; support the goals of the AASH; promote the endeavors of the Religious of the Sacred Heart in the United States; seek means of assisting Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School in every possible way in maintaining and improving its excellent standards; and foster the ideals developed under the education system of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat by supporting the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education.

The Oak Hill-Barat Hall Alumni Association works in accordance with the Manager of Alumnae/i Relations of Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School to ensure the guidelines, goals, and endeavors of both the school and the Alumni Association are being addressed and met. The Oak Hill-Barat Hall Alumni Association works in partnership with Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School.

We Are Looking For Oak Hill Alumni

Contact Rachel Drone Gehm '88 at 314.810.3420 or for directions on how to access the online alumni directory or if you would like to help find other Oak Hill alumni.