Family Individualized Tuition

In the spirit of the Sacred Heart commitment to building community and removing barriers, we are implementing an innovative new tuition model called Family Individualized Tuition (FIT). FIT is designed to increase access to a high-quality Sacred Heart education for academically qualified students who can strengthen our community and advance the mission of the School. In a competitive independent school market, we want to be the top choice for your family!

A Sacred Heart education at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill is a transformative experience. We believe that students who are seeking a Sacred Heart education and ready to make the most of their school experience should not see tuition as a barrier. FIT makes this possible! Your tuition will be based on your individual situation. Families from across the economic spectrum have found their home at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill. All of our students strengthen our school community with their gifts and talents!

Read more in this letter to our community from our Board Chair and learn why FIT is a part of the mission of Sacred Heart education as reflected in the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Education.

My Sacred Heart education has had a profound influence on my life. Because of our family situation, I would not have considered Villa to be a realistic option for us. I am so glad I started the conversation. Now, I am able to give my daughters the gift of a Sacred Heart education!

 -Villa Duchesne alum and current parent

A Sacred Heart Education at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School

Learn more about Family Individualized Tuition at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill!

Tuition at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School

This chart reflects the top tier of tuition for each grade level, and serves as a starting point as you think about participating in FIT:


JK3 Half Days (M,W,F)

JK3 Full Days (M,W,F)

JK3 5 Half Days

JK3 5 Full Days

JK4 5 Half Days

JK4 5 Full Days

K-Grade 4

Grades 5-6

Grades 7-12

Top Tuition 2019-2020










What could FIT look like for your family?

We want to start a conversation about FIT with our families as early as possible, so families have the information they need as they go through the admissions process. Below is a chart reflecting sample individualized tuition prices for families that applied in the 2018-2019 school year. Many factors are considered when determining your family’s tuition. Please reach out to us to discuss your individual situation.

Family Individualized Tuition Application Process

  1. The deadline for FIT is January 31, 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year. We do continue to accept applications after the deadline, but families who apply by 1/31/2020 will be given priority. 
  2. To prepare to apply, collect the required supporting documents: most recent paystubs and W-2 forms for all jobs; most recently filed tax return (1040, 1040A, 1040EZ with all schedules), most recently filed Business Tax return if applicable, and any supplemental income documentation (social security, welfare, food stamps, child support, 1099M forms, workers compensation, unemployment, veterans benefits, etc.).
  3. Visit Smart Tuition Aid and create an account or log in if you already have an account. Our School ID is 12537.
  4. Complete the information required by Smart Tuition Aid and submit the required documentation by our deadline of January 31. There is a $35 processing fee.
  5. Once your information is processed, Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School will receive a recommendation from Smart Tuition Aid of a sustainable rate of tuition that prioritizes tuition as a top financial commitment but does not exceed your budget. Smart Tuition Aid’s recommendation and all other qualitative information provided by the family will be reviewed to determine the right tuition for each family. Fairness and confidentiality are at the heart of this process.
  6. If you have questions about FIT, email If you have questions about the Smart Tuition Aid application, you can contact or call 1.800.360.8027.


Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School offers many scholarships. Review our Scholarship page to learn more about how to apply! 

529 Savings Plans

The federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act means 529 savings plans—plans that allow families to save for educational expenses—can be used for private school tuition grades K-12 as well college costs. More than 30 states, including Missouri, offer a tax deduction for households that contribute to a 529 plan. Please consult your financial advisor as to the tax consequences associated with 529 plans.

FIT Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family Individualized Tuition?

Family Individualized Tuition, or FIT, is a flexible tuition model designed to remove barriers for families seeking a Sacred Heart education at our School. With FIT, your tuition depends on your individual situation. FIT enables families across the economic spectrum to come to Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill. FIT is part of our Sacred Heart mission and allows us, in partnership with our families, to build a school community that reflects the socioeconomic diversity of the greater St. Louis area.

Does Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill offer scholarships?

Yes. We offer a range of scholarships to reflect our commitment to recruit the best students to our School. Refer to our Scholarship page to review the scholarship opportunities and learn more about the application process.

I think we make too much to qualify for FIT, but Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill is the right school for us. What are our next steps?

FIT is for everyone, and we invite you to submit an application with Smart Tuition Aid. We will review your information and determine a tuition amount that prioritizes a Sacred Heart education at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill but still fits within your family's budget. Families from across the income spectrum are participating in FIT. 

Who can be a part of FIT?

Anyone! If you are applying for admission now or are currently enrolled in Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill, you can participate in FIT. Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill offer FIT to families from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like some personalized guidance before completing the FIT application.

If I apply for FIT, will it impact my child's application for admission?

No. Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill admits students based on academic merit, test scores, and personal qualities. FIT letters are mailed after students are admitted. For 8th grade students considering entering Villa in 9th grade, the FIT timeline will be expedited.

How do I find out what our individualized tuition will be?

Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill uses a fair and confidential process. Our FIT committee will begin with the recommendation of Smart Tuition Aid, which is based on the information provided by each family during the Smart Tuition Aid application process. We consider many factors as we determine each family’s tuition, including income, assets, liabilities, debts, the number of dependents and children in tuition-charging schools (excluding day care, preschool, and graduate school), and expenses. Please complete a Smart Tuition Aid Application by January 31 in the year you are applying. Based on all of the information you provide, Smart Tuition Aid calculates the discretionary income of each family and recommends a sustainable rate of tuition.

Is it possible to appeal our FIT decision?

Yes. Our committee works hard to consider all of the relevant information and determine a fair and workable individualized tuition amount. But, sometimes, there is more to the story! Once you receive your individualized tuition, you have 14 days to appeal the decision. Please write to the FIT committee to explain your appeal and attach any information that will help the committee to better understand your situation.

Do I need to re-apply for FIT each year?

Yes. We ask families to complete the Smart Tuition Aid application each year. Changes in things like income, family status, and the number of children attending private institutions may result in increases and decreases in rate of tuition. Every application is reviewed annually.

What if our individualized tuition is still not enough to make Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill affordable for my family?

Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill is committed to making a Sacred Heart education accessible to as many families as possible; however, the primary responsibility of financing a student’s independent education rests with the family and all families are making sacrifices to send their children to this School. Many families use a combination of payment plans, 529 Plan contributions, help from relatives, and other resources to put together a financial package that is feasible. If, even after receiving individualized tuition, you have concerns about enrollment, contact Director of Enrollment Management Therese Hagemeister at or 314.429.3446.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes. We offer several payment plans:

·        One-time payment

·        Two-time payment

·        Monthly installment plan (requires registration and an enrollment fee). This plan allows parents to spread tuition payments, interest-free, over a 10-month period. These options are fully explained when you are offered an enrollment contract.

I am concerned about additional expenses beyond tuition. What help does the school offer for extra expenses?

Families who participate in FIT may also be eligible for assistance from the Faculty and Staff Scholarship Fund. Expenses that this fund may help with include books, required school uniforms, a laptop (grades 7-12 only) and various grade-level activities. Our faculty and staff donate to this fund each year so that all of our students can have what they need to thrive at Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill. Please reach out if you have a need.

Our family has multiple households. Does every household have to submit an application?

Yes. Each parent/guardian should submit an application via Smart Tuition Aid. If you have questions about your family's unique situation, just reach out.