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Welcome from our Head of School

We invite you to visit our campus. Founded in 1929, we have been educators of excellence for all these years and pride ourselves on empowering women and men to be successful leaders in the world today. Ours is a legacy of authentic scholarship, deep learning, active engagement with the community, and an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a moral compass that empowers much good in the world. In a word: "excellence" in education.

Unique among our many signature programs is the fact that at Oak Hill all our teachers strive to teach in ways that girls learn best and in ways that boys learn best, all on one iconic campus. At Villa Duchesne, young women are active and engaged in their learning, trying something new and taking risks, sitting for AP exams, starring in a play, being a scholar and an athlete, not only finding her voice, but knowing how to use it, matriculating to some of the finest colleges and universities in the world.

These 60-plus acres are holy ground. We have been steeped in the Catholic faith and tradition since our inception. We proudly carry on that tradition, offering a worldview based on the Scriptures and the noble Tradition of the Church. In St. Louis, we have a distinguished past and a limitless future.

Send your child to Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School, and you will be investing in the gift of education for your child. Your partnerships with us will lead your child to discover that the possibilities are endless; your child will leave us transcending boundaries and transforming lives the world over. Our mission is great, it involves the whole world.

I look forward to welcoming you to our campus.

Michael F. Baber
Head of School

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Michael F. Baber

Michael F. Baber