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Strategic Vision

Dear Sacred Heart Family,

It is my pleasure to present to you our Strategic Plan.

In many ways, this plan is the collective response to the questions, “What is your dream for the school?” and “What do you see when you look at the horizon?” For more than a year, the Board of Trustees has been distilling and discerning the many voices that respond to these compelling questions.

In tandem, we have engaged in internal, as well as external, assessments of education today and tomorrow. We believe in what this plan challenges us to do, and what Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat would have wanted, which is to renew our commitment to educating students of intellect and conscience for leadership in the 21st century.

With great confidence in our students and their future.

Michael F. Baber
Head of School


Advance Academic Excellence

Lead in best practices in JK-12 education, guided by the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria, to position us as a premier academic institution
Advance our student-focused curriculum to support individual educational differences
Foster rigorous professional development, advancement, and evaluation of educators to ensure student access to the highest caliber of teaching professionals in their fields
Enhance relationships with the finest institutions of higher learning to solidify our student placement

Celebrate Identity

Focus on the unique character, academic gifts, and spiritual development of each student
Promote the academic, athletic, and artistic successes of our students
Embrace students from all traditions, while celebrating the unique benefits of a Sacred Heart education
Communicate our unique identity clearly through branding, marketing, and messaging

Forge Visionary Leadership

Challenge ourselves to imagine and lead the future of education in our community
Cultivate a vibrant environment of student leadership
Empower visionary and collaborative leadership in all areas of the school
Celebrate our leadership in religious understanding, diversity, and formation

Cultivate Exemplary Community

Nurture supportive relationships between and among faculty, parents, and students
Partner our students and educators with their counterparts around the world, leveraging the International Network of Sacred Heart Schools
Honor the success and generosity of alumni
Promote competition, participation, and success for each sport and extracurricular activity

Build Long-Term Sustainability

Grow our endowment to sustain cutting-edge academics, arts, technology, and athletics
Support educational excellence, through skillful management of our financial, personnel, and capital resources
Seek to earn transformational gifts by broadening philanthropic initiatives
Encourage environmental sustainability across our campus and within the community

Strategic Plan Brochure