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Board of Trustees


The Board is also responsible for:
• Setting major policies
• Setting the strategic direction of the School
• Keeping the School financially sound - approving the budget, approving capital campaigns, overseeing investment managers, approving major facilities projects
• Hiring, supporting and retaining the Head of School
• Supporting the School in all ways, particularly through the communication of the School's Mission

How are Trustees elected?
• The bylaws permit up to 25 trustees
• The Committee on Trustees reviews the needs of the Board in terms of constituency representation, expertise and board experience - nominations mostly come from the committee rosters
• Committee nominations are sought broadly, and may always be offered to the Committee on Trustees


Make A Nomination

How does the Board do its work?
• Meets 6 to 8 times per year
• Standing committees (and ad hoc task forces as needed) do most of the in depth analysis, then make recommendations to the Board
• Meetings include instruction in and discussion of the Goals and Criteria
• Decisions are made in light of the Goals and Criteria
• Work is directed by the Strategic Plan, which is updated each year, by the ongoing responsibilities of the Board, and by emerging needs of the School

What is the strategic direction from the Board?
• Clear direction to the Administration to strive for greater excellence in every aspect of the programs in our School
• Focus on the importance of the ongoing need to more clearly understand and communicate our educational Mission among faculty, staff, parents and prospective parents

Board Responsibilities

Through its Board of Trustees, Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School is accountable to the Society of the Sacred Heart for the ongoing implementation of the Goals and Criteria. The Board's chief functions include but are not limited to governance policy and fiscal responsibility. It is the Board's responsibility to elect the Head of School. All members of the Board of Trustees are elected by the Board. Board of Trustees Standing Committees include Building & Grounds, Committee on Trustees, Development, Executive, Finance, Head Support & Evaluation, and Strategic Planning. The Board of Trustees is the corporate governing body of the School and is accountable to the Roman Catholic Church through the U.S. Provincial of the Society of the Sacred Heart. The School is:

• One of 25 Schools of the Sacred Heart in the United States
• One of 100+ Schools of the Sacred Heart around the world
• Partners in the educational mission of the Society, which is expressed in the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools
• Evaluated in that Mission every 5 years through the process we call SHCOG

The Board of Trustees is responsible for assuring the School lives the Mission as outlined in the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools.