School Traditions

Students elected as honor guard gather near Mary's grotto

A French term that has been handed down from generation to generation and refers to a group form of hide-and-seek, traditionally played at Sacred Heart schools.

On the last day before Christmas Break, each school family provides a basket of food for those in need. The hundreds of food baskets are presented at the Christmas Basket Mass, which is open to the entire school community. Participation in this tradition is both an honor and a serious responsibility.

Congé (kon-zhay) is a surprise day for students to set aside schoolwork and play on campus. It is an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to celebrate our school community.

This annual event celebrates “community” as we laugh, play, eat, and pray. All families are invited for food, games, and fun.

Students celebrate the following Feast Days with a mass:

  • Feast of Mater Admirabilis, Mother Most Admirable (students often wear pink accessories to mass)
  • Feast of St. Philippine Duchesne, Foundress of the first Sacred Heart schools in America
  • Feast of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, Foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart

Field Day is a community-building day of team sports and athletic activities for the entire school. Parents are invited to attend.

Sacred Heart students look forward to goûter (goo-tay) or “snacks” on special days.

This is Latin for “Mother Most Admirable” and refers to the fresco of the Virgin Mary painted by Pauline Perdrau, RSCJ in 1844. This image of Mary as a young girl is honored by Sacred Heart students around the world.

May Crowning is a liturgical celebration in which the school community honors Mary, the Mother of God with a student honor guard. (students often wear baby blue accessories to mass)

Prize Day brings a formal end to the school year. Students are recognized for their academic achievements and character formation.

School Songs

Coeur de Jésus

Coeur de Jésus

Coeur de Jésus, sauvez le monde,
Que l’univers Vous soit soumis
En Vous seul notre espoir se fonde
Seigneur, Seigneur, Vous nous l’avez promis.
Vous l’avez dit, votre promesse
Fait notre espoir, notre bonheur.
Je bénirai dans ma tendresse
Les enfants de mon Sacré Coeur.
Coeur de Jésus...
Vous l’avez dit, Sauveur fidèle,
Votre amour nous l’a révélé,
Le Coeur brûlant pour moi de zèle
Par le mien sera consolé.
Coeur de Jésus...
Vous l’avez dit notre faiblesse
En Vous trouve son protecteur
Dans votre amour soyez sans cesse
Jésus notre réparateur.

Villa Duchesne Song

Villa Duchesne Song

O hear thy loyal children’s voices,
With eager joy hailing thy name.
O see how every heart rejoices
Our homage proudly to proclaim.
Our hearts are ever on thy lofty standards,
We salute thee with ringing praise.
A light of faith and hope and honor
Shall stand before us all our days.
Children of thy noble name,
We love thy glory, thy beauty, thy truth,
The inspiration of our youth.
Villa Duchesne, let field and glen
Echo again, Villa Duchesne.
Oh! Let us praise our Alma Mater,
Villa Duchesne.

City House Song

City House Song

Dear Old City House,
Of you your children sing.
While with loyal hearts,
Our love to you we bring.
Your noble spirit
Through ALL OUR LIVES shall ring.
Alma Mater, to you we cling.
Your goodly deeds would each one share
With you in joy and in your care.
With standards high, we will play our part,
True Children of the Sacred Heart.

Oak Hill Song

Oak Hill Song

Refrain: Oak Hill, Oak Hill, We join as one to sing your praise.
Oak Hill, Oak Hill, You fill our youth with joyful days!

1. As each white oak tree stands so straight and tall,
So we Your children stand and on You call:
Give us the strength, O Lord, to do Your will,
And thank You for the path You’ve giv’n, Oak Hill. (Refrain)

2. As tiny acorns seek a place to grow,
So we arrived with confidence to know
That here we’d nourish mind and spirit too
Until we sought new pathways to pursue. (Refrain)

3. Oh, may our branches, like the oak tree’s, bend
As outward from this haven we extend
Our hands, our minds, our lives to do God’s will,
To be an image of our school, Oak Hill. (Refrain)

Written by Susan Meyer