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The Fund for Excellence

The Fund for Excellence provides the Board of Trustees and Head of School with the ultimate flexibility to meet current needs of the School. This fund promotes excellence in all that we do including academics, athletics, and the arts. Gifts to the Fund for Excellence support FIT (family individualized tuition), faculty and staff development, and maintenance of our beautiful 63 acre campus.

Every contribution to help grow The Fund for Excellence will support the growth of each of our young men and women into a servant-leader who in turn transforms the world. Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School directly impacts the lives of over 450 students every year, and a robust Fund for Excellence translates directly to an increasingly vibrant school.

Donor Recognition Opportunities for the Fund for Excellence
1929 Main Building | $5,000,000 
Department Chair | $1,500,000
Academic Program | $1,500,000
Kenefick Natatorium | $1,000,000
Log Cabin | $1,000,000
Pods A, B, or  C (3) | $1,000,000
Upper School Library | $500,000
Activities Building | $500,000
Lenke Global Education Center |  Named
Rull Family Innovation Center |  Named
Nature Trail | $250,000
Schmidt Family (Junior) Commons | Named
Jones Family (Freshman & Sophomore) Commons | Named
Duchesne Building Maker Space | $100,000
Additional naming opportunities are available upon request.