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Villa Duchesne students study in Commons

The Cornelsen Challenge - Endowed English and Mathematics Departments

This $1 million lead-gift commitment has been given to challenge the community to join the Honoring Our Legacy Initiative and to help endow the English and Mathematics Departments as part of the School's ongoing commitment to academic excellence. Gifts received in response to the Challenge will go to this portion of the Initiative. 

Please join the Challenge, inspired by this generous gift. Thank you for joining together with us to strengthen our school for years to come!

Sister Mary Gray McNally Alumnae Scholarship Fund

The Sister Mary Gray McNally Alumnae Scholarship is available annually to a student entering the ninth grade who demonstrates financial need and whose mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother is an alumna of either Villa Duchesne or City House. Recipients receive $5,000 in tuition aid each year to follow the student through graduation as needed. 

Celebrating $8,600,000 raised and counting!

Donor Recognition Opportunities for the Fund for Excellence
1929 Main Building | $5,000,000 
Department Chair | $1,500,000
Academic Program | $1,500,000
Kenefick Natatorium | $1,000,000
Log Cabin | $1,000,000
Pods A, B, or  C (3) | $1,000,000
Upper School Library | $500,000
Activities Building | $500,000
Global Education Center |  Named - The Lenke Family
The Innovation Center |  Named - The Rull Family
Nature Trail | $250,000
Lower School Science Center | Named - The Birenbaum Family
The Fitness Center | Named - The Birenbaum Family
Junior Commons | Named - The Schmidt Family
Freshman & Sophomore Commons | Named - The Jones Family
Duchesne Building Maker Space | $100,000
Additional naming opportunities are available upon request.