The mission of Villa Duchesne’s counseling program is to empower each student to reach her maximum potential in the areas of academic achievement, career awareness, college decision-making, and personal/social development.

At Villa Duchesne, students have opportunities to identify their strengths, learning styles, personalities, dreams, and goals. In focus groups, individual meetings with counselors, and classroom activities, students will discover new communication techniques. If, from time to time, a student needs to speak privately about a particular worry or challenge, the counselors are here to help. The counselors will provide a confidential and respectful atmosphere and offer each student the support she needs.  

In middle school, students belong to an advisory group which focuses on community building. In high school, students belong to a chat room, a small group comprised of students in each high school grade level along with a faculty member. Advisory Groups and Chat Rooms are places to connect with other students and learn more about the school and its traditions.

Responsive Services
Two certified counselors are available for students, parents, and faculty. As advocates for students, the counselors:
• counsel individual students and small groups of students with identified needs and concerns
• consult with parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals regarding student development
• make referrals to community resources on behalf of students individual student planning

Individual student planning involves working with students and their families in order to plan, monitor, and understand academic growth and development. The counselors meet with students individually to select a challenging college preparatory course of study each year. Counselors also hold individual conferences at each grade level with students and parents to assess academic progress and to prepare for college assessments.

"Villa Duchesne is special because, unlike many other schools, Villa is constantly working to make changes that would best benefit the students. Also, not only does Villa support their students in participating in community service, but they also go above and beyond to support you to make that possible. They provide a safe and friendly environment for everyone, and it is a wonderful place to attend school."

~ Villa Duchesne Student

  • Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School
  • 801 South Spoede Road
  • Saint Louis, MO 63131-2699
  • (P) 314.432.2021
  • (F) 314.432.0199
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