Service Learning Program

Goal III of Sacred Heart education states the commitment of the school to educate students to "a social awareness which impels to action."

In order to implement this Goal and its related Criteria, Villa Duchesne students grades 7-12 participate in the Service Learning Program. Students are given an opportunity for off campus experiential learning that develops students' understanding of their society, enables them to participate in an active contribution to their world, and enhances their skills in responsibility, initiative, communication, and team work.

All of the freshmen work with young children. The sophomores and juniors tutor and facilitate enrichment programs at food banks, schools for disabled students, work on environmental projects, and assist agencies that serve people in poverty. Seniors do an independent service project, for forty hours, related to a social justice issue.

Students have structured reflection time in advisory or discussion groups and do journaling about their service work. There is also frequent informal discussion regarding their work. Many faculty and parents are involved in working with the Service Learning Program both as drivers and as adults who work with the students at their sites. Our program is developmental in nature. You will find the combination of service learning and the junior level social justice class helps our students internalize Goal III as they prepare for senior year and life "after Villa."

Parents are invited to become an active part of this program. They serve as drivers for the students to and from the sites. Parents are also welcome to join in the activities of the students and often serve as valuable role models.

"Villa Duchesne is special because, unlike many other schools, Villa is constantly working to make changes that would best benefit the students. Also, not only does Villa support their students in participating in community service, but they also go above and beyond to support you to make that possible. They provide a safe and friendly environment for everyone, and it is a wonderful place to attend school."

~ Villa Duchesne Student

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