The purpose of the art program at Oak Hill is to teach students an appreciation of the visual arts through exploration. Students learn to identify art processes and demonstrate the safe use of tools required to produce art in a variety of media.They learn how the elements and/or principles of art are used to develop the total composition of a work of art and they understand the expressive qualities of art (i.e., how emotions, ideas, or values may be conveyed in visual images).

Students explore how art and artists have functioned in society throughout history and they become familiar with the symbology in art. They learn to identify significant artists, art works, and styles from major historical periods as well as correlating historical contexts. Through their study, students become familiar with art criticism techniques and apply them to discussions of major contemporary artists' and students' works. Our students come to understand and appreciate the functions of art from various cultures both ancient and modern and how this art has influenced artists throughout history.

Oak Hill Art Show

We also offer clubs and activities as fine arts enrichment opportunities for Oak Hill students.

"My son’s Kindergarten brain is clearly being stretched, which he loves! He tells us what he’s learning about the artist Piet Mondrain and his use of vertical lines; he greets us with “Bonjour” at breakfast time; he shares his enthusiasm for the probability games they play during math class; and he looks forward to building a volcano in science class. Thank you so much for all the joy you have brought to our home."  

~ Oak Hill Parent

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