6th Grade


Portrait Paintings; Relief Sculpture; Roman Art; Clay Ocarinas; Linear Perspective; Senufo Cloth Drawings; Photoshop—Graphic Art; Jewish Art and Culture; Early Christian Art—Fresco and Triptych; Leonardo da Vinci, Rapheal, Piero della Francesca, Michelangelo, Gustave Klimt

English/Language Arts

Comprehension: Character motives, Antagonist/Protagonist, Theme, Mood
Parts of Speech
Sentence Structure
Spelling and Vocabulary in Writing
Step Up to Writing
Listening and Speaking
Literature-based program: Student Book Clubs


Singular and plural present tense verb conjugation
Irregular and reflexive verbs
Dialogs with teacher and classmates
Home, Family, Weather, Clothing


Middle School Course 2 Curriculum
Mastery of: Decimals, Fractions, Equations, Inequalities, Exponents, Factors, Fractions, Operations with Fractions, Ratios, Rates, Proportions, Percents, Graphing, Geometry, Measurement, Probability, Problem-Solving, Data sets, Graphical Representation


Steady beat musical form; Extended Fingering on Alto Recorder; Memorizing music and lyrics; Alto and bass xylophone and metallophone; Creating Chords; Music Intervals; Composing simple melodies based upon a pentatonic scale with alto and bass accompaniments
Performance: Spring Musical Review

Physical Education

GIRLS: Tennis, Soccer/Fitness, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Dance and Rhythm, Swimming, Track and Field, Presidential Testing, Jump Rope for Heart, Personal Fitness

BOYS: Flag Football, Lacrosse, Character in Competition, Basketball, Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Baseball, Track and Field, Archery, Presidential Testing, Jump Rope for Heart, Personal Fitness


God speaks to us through scripture
We are the Stewards of Earth
The Old Testament
The Works of Mercy
Respect of Self and Others
Celebrate Weekly Mass
Goals of the Sacred Heart
Apostolic Work: Mary Ryder Home


Properties of and Changes in Matter
Forms of Energy
Characteristics and Interactions of Living Organisms
Ecosystems and Populations
Internal Processes and External Events
Earth’s Resources

Social Studies

Interpreting Maps
Early Human Civilizations
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
World Geography
Early North America
Uses of Technology
Current Events


Develop a web page with navigational buttons
Power Point with navigational buttons
Microsoft excel: Cell formatting, multiplication and division functions
Windows Movie Maker


Each year the sixth grade goes to camp. The purpose of the camp is to work together on team building and problem solving skills. It is also an opportunity for the children to try new things and challenge themselves. Camp is a lot of fun for the students. They climb a high-ropes course, find their way through the woods with a compass, listen to the sounds of night, and work together to solve problems. They spend three days and two nights at camp and leave with fabulous memories. This activity helps build community among our student leaders.

Each sixth grade student is given a class t-shirt by the teachers. The t-shirts, which are unique only to sixth grade, remind themselves and other students of their role as leaders of the school. The children are invited to wear the shirts on the day of their completion year.

Brain Games
Priory School hosts a Brain Games Competition at their school during the fall. Oak Hill School participates in this very fun activity. This competition is a test of science, math, English, literature, and social studies skills. 

Catholic Schools Week
This is a very special week at Oak Hill Schools. One of our favorite traditions is the sixth grade/faculty pillow hockey game. Sixth grade students challenge the teachers to a game of fun in the gym. It is always a close game, but the sixth graders are determined to be the winners this year.

Apostolic Work
In their efforts to find ways to live out the Goals of the Sacred Heart, our sixth graders have chosen a project that embodies the spirit of Goal 3: A social awareness which impels to action. Each Wednesday, three students and a parent drive to St. Vincent de Paul to pass out sandwiches they made at home. The students not only give the food, they give their time and good cheer.

Speech Team
Our sixth graders are invited to try out for a community-wide speech meet. The students memorize a speech, try-out in front of faculty members, and if chosen, recite their speech for a team of judges. Over the years, our students have consistently earned blue and gold ribbons.

"In choir, we have cantors and we get to sing solos. And, I think that really helps build our confidence."

~ Oak Hill Student

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  • 801 South Spoede Road
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