5th Grade


Drawing and Shading with Complimentary Colors; Linoleum Prints; Stained Glass; Anasazi Pottery; Collage; French artists and architecture: Eric Carle, Picasso, Henri Matisse, Lucy Lewis, Wayne Thiebaud, Paul Klee

English/Language Arts

Build Vocabulary
Comprehension: Analogy, compare/contrast, figurative language
Organizing information
Writing: Journalism format, diagramming simple and compound sentences, personal narrative, summary writing, descriptive writing, poetry
Step Up to Writing
Literature-based program: Student Book Clubs


Possessive Pronouns
Present tense verb conjugation of regular and irregular verbs
Oral and written conversation
Time, school objects, conjugations


Middle School Course 1 Curriculum
Fluency in multiplication of fractions and decimals
Ratio and rate
Writing, interpreting, and using mathematical expressions and equations
Conversion of units in a system
Surface area and volume of three-dimensional figures
Measuring angles
Circumference of a circle
Area of a triangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, and circle
Ratios, proportions, and percent
Solve problems using factors, multiples, prime factorization, and relatively prime numbers


Playing recorders in harmony; Singing in harmony; Alto recorder—five finger pattern C up to G; Music terminology—tempo, staccato, legato, dynamics, repeat workings
Performance: Spring Musical Review

Physical Education

GIRLS: Tennis, Soccer/Fitness, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Dance and Rhythm, Swimming, Track and Field, Presidential Testing, Jump Rope for Heart, Personal Fitness

BOYS: Flag Football, Lacrosse, Character in Competition, Basketball, Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Baseball, Track and Field, Archery, Presidential Testing, Jump Rope for Heart, Personal Fitness


Worship through prayer, loving service, and sacrifice
Understanding the Sacraments
Ways to Holiness
Life is a Precious Gift from God
The Liturgical Year
Celebrate Weekly Mass
Goals of the Sacred Heart
Apostolic Work: Mary Ryder Home


Work and Simple Machines
Classification of Plants and Animals
Water Cycle and Weather
Solar System
Science, Technology, and Human Activity
Scientific Method in a Laboratory setting

Social Studies

Applying Map Skills
Early Explorers
Starting the English Colonies
Fighting for Independence
A New Nation
A Nation Divided and Reunited
Growth and Industrialization
Entering the Twentieth Century


Keyboarding for speed and accuracy
Develop a simple web page in Microsoft Word
Using Microsoft Publisher
Power Point that utilizes special effects


Fieldtrip to Lincoln Museum
In social studies, fifth grade studies American history starting with the founding of the Thirteen Colonies and moving through the Civil War and Reconstruction Era. New to the curriculum this year, the students are going on a field trip to Springfield, IL to visit the Lincoln Museum and Library, take a class in historical anthropology, and tour the Lincoln Home.

Junior Achievement
Also in social studies, the children participate in Junior Achievement. This program provides a fantastic opportunity for the students to learn about economics. A professional from Commerce Bank teaches a class to the children once a week at school for two months during the fall. Topics include: Entrepreneurship, free enterprise, supply and demand, and personal banking.

Science Lab
In science, the children experience and use the science lab. This enables the students to partake in hands-on experiments as well as learn in a cooperative group setting. Scientific skills such as observation and questioning are taught throughout the year. Students also explore many topics and answer questions using the scientific method

Language Arts
Literature is a novel-based program in which the students read a variety of genres. A book talk approach is taught which enables the children to discuss plot, characters, setting, and climax in a group setting. Because reading and writing go hand-in-hand, many writing activities are completed for each novel and story the students read.

Apostolic Work
Students in fifth grade adopt a grandparent at the Mary Ryder Nursing Home. Throughout the year, they build a relationship with their grandparents by writing monthly letters to them, sending holiday decorations and treats, providing for and attending a Christmas party, giving a monetary donation, and supplying bedding plants each spring for a summer garden.

"We have always known that Oak Hill is an excellent place for academic, spiritual, and personal growth. I knew, beyond a doubt, after our son’s first day of school, that there could be no better place for him. The wonderfully gifted teachers and staff, who are so nurturing and caring, make Oak Hill a very special community."

~ Oak Hill Parent


  • Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School
  • 801 South Spoede Road
  • Saint Louis, MO 63131-2699
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