4th Grade


Jazz and Art; Pottery Wheel; Cultural Icons; Art of Taiwan: Puppetry & Paperfold; Calligraphy; Impasto; Landscape; Embossed Low Relief and Assemblage Sculpture; Christo, Jeanne-Claude, William H. Johnson, Lois Mailou Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Romare Bearden, Fernand Leger, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

English/Language Arts

Build vocabulary: Similes, Metaphors, Figurative Language
Comprehension: Context Clues, Character development, Problem/Solution, Author’s Purpose, Story Elements, Making Inferences, Sequence of Events
Step Up to Writing
Proofreading Skills
Literature Circles: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Frindle, The School Story, Bunnicula


Subject and Object Pronouns
Singular present tense verb conjugation
Oral and written dialog


Fluency of multiplication and division with whole numbers and fractions
Decimal Notation
Solve problems using appropriate units, strategies, and tools
Estimation of size and distance
Addition and subtraction of greater numbers
Convert between simple time units
Interpreting remainders in division


Performing rhythm patterns on instruments; Lines and spaces on the treble clef; Performing with handbells; Continue recorder fingering; Recorder duets; Music haiku; Great Composers
Performance: Spring Musical Review

Physical Education

Circuit Training
Soccer, Volleyball
Dance and Rhythm
Basketball, Softball
Track and Field
Presidential Testing
Jump Rope for Heart
Personal Fitness


God Reveals Himself in Many Ways
Old and New Testament
Our Pope, Bishops, and Priests
Knowing and Loving God
Lives of Saints
Traditional Prayers
Celebrate Weekly Mass
Goals of the Scared Heart
Apostolic Work: Go Green—Raising Environmental Awareness


Mixtures and Solutions
Forms of Energy: Electrical Circuits
Laws of Motion
Interactions among Organisms and their Environments
Changes in the Earth’s Surface
Science, Technology, and Human Activity

Social Studies

Map Skills: US and World
Regions of the US—Geography, History, and Culture
Native Americans
Missouri History—Includes Field Trip to Old Courthouse for Dred Scott Study, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Missouri Day


Continue keyboard instruction
Create a narrated Power Point
Microsoft Excel: The Sum function
Internet as a research tool


Saints Mass
As an integral part of Goal 1, an “active faith in God,” the students research and portray a saint of their choosing. Throughout this project, the students engage in research skills, writing, and public speaking. During our All Saints’ Celebration, students take part in our Sistine Chapel exercise where their saints come alive!

Missouri Day
Our Missouri Day includes a variety of activities that enhance Missouri history and culture. Students enjoy an old-fashioned Missouri hoedown, ice cream cones from the 1904 fair, and create edible maps of Missouri depicting major cities, rivers, and landforms. Guest speakers highlight important information in St. Louis and Missouri history.

Old Courthouse Field Trip
The students have the opportunity to reenact the Dred Scott Trial in the historic courthouse where the actual trial took place.   This enhances our learning of the judicial system and brings to the forefront our goal of social awareness and the action that it impels.  

Book Clubs
Book clubs “bring students together for an in-depth discussion of a work of fiction or nonfiction.” The discussion emerges from the students’ own personal responses to the text and may focus on any aspect—characters, events, genre, or author’s writing style and literary techniques. Students share their questions, their insights, and their emotional responses. As they participate in literature study, students develop new understandings as readers. By sharing meanings and listening to multiple perspectives, they come to understand texts in a deeper, more fully developed way than they can on their own.

Technology Use
Technology is integrated into all areas of the curriculum through the use of programs such as Power Point and Inspiration. Fourth grade is equipped with a class set of laptops which students use for research and interactive learning. Teachers utilize mimio and smartboard devices to augment the curriculum and make learning more hands-on and interaction. Recently, several sets of i-clickers have been donated to our school, which further engage the students in their daily lessons.

"There's a certain spirit that each of the graduates have; there's a certain personality that goes with them."

~ Oak Hill Alum 

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