3rd Grade


World Outreach Through Art; Relief Sculpture; Assemblage Sculpture; Mexican Folk Art; Southern Folk Art
Christo, Jeanne-Claude—Installation; Paul Cezanne—Collage; Frieda Kahlo—Self-Portraits

English/Language Arts

Build vocabulary
Comprehension: Fact/Opinion, Point of view, Author’s purpose, Cause/Effect
Using reference sources
Reading for personal enjoyment
Reading/Writing poetry
Read aloud with fluency and expression
Writing: Paragraph development
Punctuation and spelling
Parts of speech
Cursive development
Stone Fox, The Twits, Boxcar Children How to Eat Fried Worms, The BFG, Fudge


Singular present tense verb conjugation
Sports, Clothing, Entertainment, Verbs


Place value to Hundred-thousands
Money and Time
Multiplication and Division of whole numbers
Properties of addition and Multiplication
Meanings and uses of fractions and decimals
Two-dimensional shapes: Area and perimeter
Congruence and symmetry
Problem Solving


Notation and rhythm—whole notes, half notes, dotted half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, whole rest half rest, quarter rest; Treble clef—G up to D; Soprano recorder: Fingering and melodies; Pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments
Performance: Spring Musical Review

Physical Education

Jump Rope
Dance and Rhythm
Ball Skills
Gymnastics and Tumbling
Track and Field
Presidential Testing
Jump Rope for Heart
Personal Fitness


God Calls Me
My unique Gifts
God calls us to be Holy
God is Great and Good
Mary said “Yes” to God
We are disciples of Christ
Traditional Prayers
Celebrate weekly Mass
Goals of the Sacred Heart
Apostolic Work: Family Resource Center


Investigating States of Matter
Earth, Sun, and Moon
Food Chains
Science and Technology

Social Studies

Geography and Map Skills
Looking into Communities
Native American Communities
Pioneer Communities
Needs and Resources


Beginning keyboard instruction
Create a narrated Power Point
Introduction to MS Excel: Basic spreadsheets and graphs
Internet as a research tool


Making Rosaries
Third graders honor Mary during October, the Month of the Rosary, by making their own beautiful rosaries. Volunteers from surrounding parishes come to the Third Grade Learning Center to give a presentation on the history and meaning of the Rosary. They bring with them all of the necessary supplies the students need. Children select their beads and crosses, and, with the help of parent volunteers, create their special Rosaries to use during morning prayer at school.

Star Night
Students bring the whole family to Busch Gym for an evening of astronomy-related activities. Through hands-on projects and experiments, concepts learned in the classroom are reinforced in a fun and enjoyable environment. Balloon rockets, telescopes, and Oreo-cookie phases of the Moon are just a few of the creative ways students, siblings, and parents learn about the stars. 

Market Day
This exciting day is held every spring. During the prior weeks, students are busy developing a product and advertising campaign. Part of this process includes a writing assignment to describe the steps of how to make the product. On Market Day, they bring their items to school to “sell” to their classmates in a market setting. Students get to use “money” they have earned throughout the year by doing good deeds. They use their math skills to count money and make change. 

Pioneer Day
On Pioneer Day, third graders step back in time to experience a typical school day for early American pioneer children. Modern day teachers become “school Marms,” and students must recite their lessons from memory in this recreated 19th century classroom. But it is all in good fun, and at the end of the day, everyone enjoys a delicious snack of corn-on-the-cob with homemade butter. 

Metric Day
Third Grade students put their metric knowledge to work on this afternoon of hands on problem solving activities of all-things-metric. Parent volunteers guide the students as they travel to different locations to cut, measure, and combine using metric measurements and tools.

"I definitely like the sports, because they don’t cut you or anything. So, you can try a new sport."

~ Villa Duchesne Student

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