Art Room Safety; Introduction to Form, Line, Sculpture, Color, Weaving, Pattern; African Art; Printmaking; Wax Resist; Illustration; Puppetry; Piet Mondrian, Henri Matisse, Frank Gehry—Architecture and Shape; Romare Bearden, Vincent Van Gogh—Texture

English/Language Arts

Phonemic Awareness
Word Families
Comprehension: Characters, sequence, main idea
Reading Selections
Writing Sentences with punctuation and capitalization
Manuscript Handwriting
Guided Reading Selections


Animals, Foods, Places, verbs
Simple sentences
Identifying body parts
Describing Weather and Seasons
Following commands


Position and direction
Count, write, identify numbers up to 20
Sorting and classifying objects
Problem solving
Identify coins
Time to the hour and half-hour
Explore addition and subtraction


Ascending and descending notes;
Introduction to Instruments; Matching Pitch; Simple melodic rhythmic patterns—Steps and Skips; Values for whole notes and rests, half notes and rests
Performance: Christmas Program

Physical Education

Motor and Manipulation Skills
Locomotor Movement and Dance
Ball Skills
Large and Small Group Games
Field Day Preparation
Personal Fitness


God’s Love in Our Lives
Jesus is God
Mary is our Mother
God Made us and the World
Celebrate Holy Days and Feast Days
Goals of the Sacred Heart
Apostolic Work: Our Little Haven


Properties of Matter
Investigating Sound
Change in Position
Plants and Animals: Whales, penguins, spiders and insects
Parent-Offspring Relationships
Weather and Seasons
Objects in the Sky
Science Experimentation

Social Studies

All About Me
Christopher Columbus
Fire Safety
First Thanksgiving/Native Americans
Christmas Around the World


Computer parts identification
Basic computer terms
Mouse skill: Opening/closing programs, drawing and using Paint, Internet navigation, Kidspiration
Keyboard orientation: Name, alphabet, numbers










Language Arts

Our language arts program engages kindergarten children in learning the skills necessary for developing their literacy skills. Children enter kindergarten at different developmental levels. Using differentiated instructional strategies, our kindergarten students are immersed in literacy activities that enable them to develop their skills at an individualized pace. Center activities and leveled reading assignments engage our students in meaningful experiences that support the development of each individual.

Students in kindergarten explore the growth of the apple tree learning about the changes that occur through the seasons. Throughout the apple unit, students are engaged in apple activities embedded in the curriculum, including learning the apple colors and varieties. The children visit the apple orchard and pick apples, make applesauce, and enjoy applesauce pancakes that they prepare in the classroom.

The study of whales introduces our students to ocean life and the amazing wonders within. Throughout our whale studies, students learn about mammals, types of whales, migration, echolocation, and survival in the ocean. Technology allows us to explore the ocean within the classroom walls as we view the whales in their habitat, watching them move and listening to their beautiful sounds as they communicate.

The First Thanksgiving
Kindergarteners re-live the journey of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower and experience the struggles they had as they began their life in a new land. The story is told as students work in groups to share the news of each part of the journey. As actors in The First Thanksgiving movie, the children share the story dressed as businessmen, Pilgrims, and Native Americans. Parents come to a Thanksgiving Feast in the classroom and watch the movie following a delicious meal.

Math Centers
Learning math in kindergarten is an experience that adds up to fun! Center involvement provides an engaging and challenging hands-on approach that gives the children the foundation necessary to become good problem solvers and creative thinkers. A differentiated approach provides students with different learning styles choice in variety and different levels of complexity in their work.

"In choir, we have cantors and we get to sing solos. And, I think that really helps build our confidence."

~ Oak Hill Student

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