Junior Kindergarten 4


Explore and Experiment with Art Materials: Crayons, Paints, Water Colors, Finger Paints, Clay, Play-Doh; Crayon Rubbings; Collages
Eric Carle Technique; Nature Materials

English/Language Arts

Letter Recognition
Letter-Sound Association
Alphabet Activities
Rhyming Words
Daily Story Time
Making Class Books
Monthly Journals
Listening/ Expression Skills
Following Directions
Handwriting Without Tears
Classic Children’s Literature


Number and Colors
Animals, Foods, Objects
Introduction to simple sentence structure
Following directions


Rote Counting
Number Recognition
Sorting, Patterning, Sequencing
100th Day of School
Writing Numbers
Number and Operations
Left and Right
Geometric Shapes


Music and Movement; Simple Songs; Finger Plays; Creative Movement; Rhythm Sticks
Rhythm Band; Introduction to the Orchestra/Instruments
Peter and the Wolf
Performance: Christmas Program

Physical Education

Motor and Manipulation Skills
Locomotor Movement and Dance
Parachute, Ball Skills
Large and Small Group Games
Field Day Preparation
Personal Fitness


Christian Values
We are Children of God
Weekly Gospel Theme
Bible Stories
Celebrate Holy Day and Feast Days
Celebrate Our Baptism
Goals of the Scared Heart
Apostolic Work: Birthright


Time for Kids
Vegetable and Butterfly Gardening
Nature Walk/Observation: Our Campus
Powder Valley Field Trip

Social Studies

Time for Kids
Developing Friendships
Interacting with Teachers and Classmates
Fire Drill
Holiday/Seasonal Activities
Current Events
All About Me


Introduction to Computer
Use of the Mouse
Letters and Numbers on the Keyboard
Personalized Learning Activities
Introduction to Web Sites


Handwriting Without Tears
This is a beginning writing program that follows a developmental sequence for introducing the formation and writing of letters and numbers. A variety of three dimensional materials are used to enhance the activities.

Materials Include:
Capital Letter Wooden Pieces
Get Set For School Workbook
Sing Along CD
Roll-A-Dough Letters
Mat Man Pieces

Alphabet Book
Each week students focus on a “Letter of the Week.” One of the Letter of the Week activities is the making of an alphabet page. An example of an alphabet page is “P” is for Pumpkins. At the end of the year the pages are assembled into an Alphabet Book and taken home to be shared with family.

Monthly, Junior Kindergarten classes focus on a selected piece of classic children’s literature. Storytime, science, music, art, journaling, and math activities are all integrated into this monthly selection. For example, in September we study Eric Carle’s classic story, The Hungry Caterpillar.

With our literature selections and “Let’s Find Out,” we develop our science themes. Through discovery, hands-on experiences, and field trips, a documentation panel is created each month relating to the science theme.

We begin each morning with a prayer, “Children of The Sacred Heart” and a special monthly seasonal prayer. Weekly, there is a “Seeds” assembly and activity which has a theme relating to the coming Sunday gospel. Each month a Baptismal Remembrance is held to commemorate the children who were baptized that month. Parents are invited to this ceremony. At the end of the year, Junior Kindergarten children have a May Ceremony in the chapel honoring Mary, The Mother of God, JK mothers, and grandmothers.

The Math program is based on using manipulatives to develop concepts, understanding, and to practice skills. Manipulatives are often referred to as “objects to think with.” Manipulatives include; Color Tiles, Link ‘N’ Learn Links, Pattern Blocks, Snap Cubes, Sorting Circles, Three Bear Family Counters, Attribute Blocks, Sorting Treasures.

Daily: Calendar, Attendance, and Hundredth Day Counting Activities

"You know Jesus was a storyteller. And, He said the greatest in the kingdom were the little children. I feel very privileged to work with small children. That’s where the spiritual life begins."

~ Oak Hill Faculty

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