Junior Kindergarten 3

The Junior Kindergarten program for three year olds at Oak Hill is carefully and thoughtfully designed to personalize the early learning experiences of each child. The children are appreciated for their individuality, and through joyful and meaningful experiences they develop an awareness of their unique gifts and talents. As we build upon the natural curiosity and enthusiasm that is inherent in young children, our curriculum is planned to inspire a life-long love of learning. Our goal is to develop a challenging, supportive, exciting, and nurturing environment that will promote the realization of each child’s spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and creative potential. Through the loving guidance of dedicated educators, the children will learn to experience the joy of God’s world around them, and value and appreciate themselves as “Children of the Sacred Heart.” We will help them develop the self-assurance and readiness to prepare them for success in the strong and wholesome educational program which is at the heart of Oak Hill.


Explore and Experiment with Art Materials: Crayons, Paints, Water Colors, Finger Paints, Clay, Play-Doh; Crayon Rubbings; Collages
Eric Carle Technique; Nature Materials

Creative Activities

Expresses self through music and movement
Demonstrates interest and enthusiasm for art activities
Participates in and enjoys dramatic play

English/Language Arts

Uses language appropriately
Listens attentively
Shows an interest in books and story time
Begins to recognize letters and sounds
Begins to notice rhyming pairs    


Number and Colors
Animals, Foods, Objects
Introduction to simple sentence structure
Following directions


Identifies shapes
Demonstrates an awareness of counting/numbers
Sorts objects into sets or groups
Understands and creates patterns


Music and Movement; Simple Songs; Finger Plays; Creative Movement; Rhythm Sticks
Rhythm Band; Introduction to the Orchestra/Instruments
Peter and the Wolf
Performance: Christmas Program

Physical Education/Motor Skills

Fine Motor/Visual Motor Skills
Begins to use scissors and writing tools
Manipulates art materials
Manages clothing with some independence

Gross Motor Skills
Attempts hopping, jumping, galloping, marching, and running activities
Enjoys ball activities
Improves balance
Manages stairs

The goal of physical education is development in a variety of areas through imaginative play, obstacle course activities, and low-level organizational games. The main points of emphasis are to develop balance, muscle strength, body awareness, and gross locomotor skills. In addition, classroom activities such as counting, color recognition, patterning, and practicing appropriate social skills are reinforced.


Begins formation as a Child of the Sacred Heart
Participates in daily classroom prayer
Grows in an understanding of God’s Love



Makes observations
Uses senses to gather information
Expresses curiosity about the natural world
Participates and shares information
Units of Study:
The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Social/Emotional Development

Separates from parents
Shares with peers
Exhibits kindness
Accepts limits and follows classroom rules
Follows teacher’s direction or redirection
Exhibits self confidence

Social Studies

Enjoys projects and activities
Participates and shares information


Introduction to Computer
Use of the Mouse
Letters and Numbers on the Keyboard
Personalized Learning Activities
Introduction to Web Sites


Literary Activities
Each month, the class focuses on a selection of classic children’s literature and the theme for activities is a multidisciplinary unit relating to the story.

September: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
October: Owl Babies
November: The Little Red Hen
December: Christmas in the Barn
January: The Mitten
February: Goodnight Moon
March: Peter Rabbit
April: Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones
May: The Tiny Seed

Father’s Visit
In November, fathers are invited to visit the classroom to learn all about life in Junior Kindergarten and work on a special project together with their child. The project has a theme each year that encourages collaboration between children and their dads.

Thanksgiving Program
The children participate in a special celebration of Thanksgiving with the JK 4 classes. Parents are invited to attend the program and enjoy goûter (a special snack) with their child. Each family contributes a special recipe to be included in an Oak Hill Early Childhood Cookbook.

Mother’s Visit
In December, mothers are invited to our classroom to join in the festivities of the Christmas season. Treats are baked and a special Nativity project created. This is a fun morning of Christmas cheer!

Christmas Program
Junior Kindergarten children participate in a simple Christmas singing program with the JK 4 classes. This activity takes place before the Christmas break and families are invited to attend.

Birthright Service Project
Children are asked to contribute a layette item for Birthright Counseling in January. This is an Apostolic Work in keeping with Goal III. The children will participate in a procession with their Birthright gifts at a special Pro-Life liturgy. Parents are welcome to attend.

May Ceremony
Mothers and Grandmothers are invited to a prayer service in the chapel to honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus. This is followed by a picnic lunch on campus.

Field Day
Junior Kindergarten participate in the Opening Ceremony and traditions of Field Day. Afterwards, they go to their Duchesne Building Playground for some fun games, tug of war, and play with their classmates and parents. A barbecue concludes the morning for students and their families.

"There's no need to be nervous. Once you come here you'll already have friends, because there's people here that are already like you."

~ Oak Hill Student

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