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The science faculty believes that science education is a critical necessity for all young women. Our primary goal is to achieve science literacy through comprehensive classroom activities and laboratory experiences. This literacy requires a knowledge base, familiarity with scientific methods and processes, and the ability to draw conclusions about science, technology, and society. All branches of science are integrated and connected with common skills, themes, and concepts. Math concepts are reinforced and demonstrated as integral parts of scientific study.

We believe that every student can become academically successful in our program. We strive to motivate each student to accept the challenge of doing her best work. As needed, each student receives individualized attention. Knowing that students vary in their auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles, we are committed to the use of varied methods of presentation that will support the learning style of each student. All students are involved in hands-on laboratory activities. Computers provide further involvement as laboratory instruments and means of presentation. We use technology to explore science and use science to understand technology.

The science faculty knows that students do not learn and retain information at the same rate. We use a variety of assessment instruments, both academic and experiential, to enable students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Tests, quizzes, research papers, skilled laboratory activities, and cooperative learning situations are all employed in student assessment.

We encourage professional career development for those students who are interested in science education at the post-secondary level. All students must complete three courses and may elect to complete six courses. Dissections are required lab activities in seventh and eighth grade courses as well as in Biology and Anatomy.

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"My daughter has gone from being too shy to open her mouth during the concert in preschool to a scholar, a thespian, an athlete, a debater, and a philanthropist. All of these opportunities came through Villa Duchesne - all of them. When she finished her last day, she came home in tears. I asked what was wrong and she said that she will miss her teachers. I asked which ones and she replied, "All of them!"

~ Villa Duchesne Parent

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