Welcome from our Student Council President

My name is John Newell, and I am Oak Hill’s Student Council President for the 2015-2016 school year. I started at Oak Hill as a JK’er.

Now we all know that being good at anything takes hard work, sacrifice and dedication. You don’t become a star soccer player the first time you kick a ball or hit a homerun the first time you pick up a bat. In the winter I play basketball, in the spring I play baseball, but my real love is tennis. When I am playing a match, I have to know how to hit the ball with the right spin and right speed where my opponent can’t get it. That’s really difficult! So I have to focus and persevere. Even when things aren’t going my way—I won’t give up! And what’s really hard is having a good attitude while doing all of that. Nothing is going to keep me from doing my very best.

So many of the qualities you need to be good at a sport are required to be good at anything: dedication, hard work, teamwork, strategy, that “never giving up” attitude. That is why Oak Hill is a special place. Each one of us has been taught to be a hardworking and compassionate person. Just because we are young does not mean we are helpless. Every great accomplishment starts with just one idea, one person. Imagine what we can do together—amazing things that make our school, community, and world a better place.

I invite you to visit our campus!

John Newell
Student Council President

  • Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School
  • 801 South Spoede Road
  • Saint Louis, MO 63131-2699
  • (P) 314.432.2021
  • (F) 314.432.0199
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