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Villa Duchesne Student Life
Villa Duchesne Oak Hill Sacred Heart Network

Welcome from our Student Council President

I chose to run for Student Council at Villa Duchesne for one simple reason, I love my school. There are so many aspects of Villa that I couldn’t imagine living without in my high school experience.

What exactly are these great aspects? The most noticeable is the student body. The students here are different than your average school, because we’re like a big family. I am proud to talk about the friends I have made while at Villa, each girl is unique in her own way and I hope to always have their friendships. Under the Sacred Heart teachings, we act like sisters to one another and are taught how to be Children of the Sacred Heart. And, not just during our four years here, but for the rest of our lives. These Sacred Heart traditions, as well as the ones that Villa has created since the school’s start in 1929, are cherished by the students.

The classroom experience at Villa is one with a great atmosphere and open conversation because of the students and teachers. The faculty care about us and want us to succeed, something each student knows and feels. Each academic department at this school is beloved by the students and offers a diversity of teachers and teaching styles in every field from math and science to English and foreign language.

Outside of the classroom, there are more great experiences available. I have played tennis and lacrosse at Villa, acted in three plays, and joined academic competition and French Club. I invite you to explore our website to find the clubs and activities for you!

"My daughter has gone from being too shy to open her mouth during the concert in preschool to a scholar, a thespian, an athlete, a debater, and a philanthropist. All of these opportunities came through Villa Duchesne - all of them. When she finished her last day, she came home in tears. I asked what was wrong and she said that she will miss her teachers. I asked which ones and she replied, "All of them!"

~ Villa Duchesne Parent

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