Welcome to Villa Duchesne Arts

Welcome to the Arts

Off the bat, you should know that I cannot paint, draw, sculpt, or sing for the life of me. However, despite having no particular artistic ability, I still find myself involved with Villa Duchesne’s arts program in untraditional ways. As the editor in chief of our school’s literary and art magazine, Villa Ink, I am constantly sorting through hundreds of art submissions from our talented student body. From traditional still-life oil paintings to intricately carved teapots, our art department ensures that each student finds their creative niche with a variety of course options.

Our Art Wing contains four gorgeous studios with abundant natural light and supplies, but our art program extends beyond a single hall. In Theater and Communication Arts, I learned to speak confidently and fluidly, a skill that will I will carry with me into the professional world. Additionally, I attend the Show Choir concerts each winter and spring, and am consistently blown away by the unexpected solos, flawless choruses, and dazzling choreography.

While I may never be the next Van Gogh or Jennifer Hudson, Villa Duchesne’s arts culture is extremely significant to me. The teachers especially helped me find my place in the art scene, each one allowing me to try a skill before fully committing. My appreciation for the arts has grown astronomically over the past few years. Whether I was strumming “I’m Yours” on the guitar, designing my own website, or learning how to apply stage make-up, my experiences dabbling in various artistic spheres have introduced me to an endless world of creative potential. I’m proud to say that Villa Duchesne has helped me find my artistic role – no canvas, paints, or clay necessary.

"Villa Duchesne is special because, unlike many other schools, Villa is constantly working to make changes that would best benefit the students. Also, not only does Villa support their students in participating in community service, but they also go above and beyond to support you to make that possible. They provide a safe and friendly environment for everyone, and it is a wonderful place to attend school."

~ Villa Duchesne Student

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