Welcome to Villa Duchesne Arts

Welcome to the Arts

When I arrived at Villa Duchesne in seventh grade, I was hopelessly shy, obsessed with music, and enjoyed no other arts. At first, I was upset when I learned that I would be taking a Fine Arts class and a Theatre class. I couldn’t even draw a straight line, let alone craft a teapot with my bare hands, and regular theatre was out of the question as I would have to speak in front of others. But, these classes weren’t like any of my previous experiences with the fine and stage arts. They were actually fun! Even if I couldn’t form a clay rope without rolling it too thin, I was making friends. Even if I stuttered like a motorboat through my lines, I was learning to speak in public.

More importantly, I was friends with my teachers. My middle school theatre teacher is still a very good friend of mine today. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the art teachers at my grade school, but now I was really learning. Not just how to properly pronounce “enunciate,” but valuable life lessons. I learned how to deliver dialogue properly, and consequently how to speak more effectively with the people around me. I learned how to overcome stage fright, and also how to recognize a rational fear from an irrational one.

Today, while I’m not on the stage, I’m proud to say that I have run the microphones and mixing board for each of the Villa Duchesne productions for the past two years. I am proud to say that by broadening my artistic horizons, I have found my own voice.

Come to Villa Duchesne and find yours today!

"Villa Duchesne is special because it is not only the home to academic life, but it is also the place where students grow and achieve things as a family."

~ Villa Duchesne Student

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