Welcome to Villa Duchesne Athletics

Our athletic programs at the middle school and high school levels provide invaluable lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition, and self-discipline. Our middle school students participate in basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, track and field, and volleyball. In middle school, students have the opportunity to play a variety of sports in preparation for high school, where students choose one sport per season. At the high school level, girls choose from: Fall Sports (cross country, field hockey, golf, softball, tennis, and volleyball); Winter Sports (basketball, swimming/diving); and Spring Sports (lacrosse, soccer, track and field).

Villa Duchesne is a member of the Metro League, along with John Burroughs, Lutheran North, Lutheran South, MICDS, Principia, and Westminster Christian. The Metro League is a strong and competitive league that values good sportsmanship above all else. Villa Duchesne student-athletes not only grow in athletic skill, they develop a stronger sense of integrity, accountability, honestly, and sportsmanship, while also learning time management, as they balance academics and athletics.
Villa Duchesne Athletes 

  • Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School
  • 801 South Spoede Road
  • Saint Louis, MO 63131-2699
  • (P) 314.432.2021
  • (F) 314.432.0199
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