The mission of Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School’s counseling program is rooted in the goals and criteria of schools of the Sacred Heart. Using that living document as our map and compass, we seek to challenge and cherish all members of our community to make known to others the heart of Christ. 

We seek to empower each student to reach their maximum potential in the areas of faith, community building, personal growth, wise decision making, academic achievement, and social development.

Students have opportunities to identify their strengths, learning styles, personalities, dreams, and goals. If, from time to time, a student needs to speak privately about a particular worry or challenge, the counselor is here to help. The counselor will provide a confidential and respectful atmosphere and offer all students the support they and their family may need.  

 As an advocate for students, the counselor: 

  • counsels individual students and small groups of students with identified needs and concerns 
  • consults with parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals regarding student development 
  • provides community resources

The counselor is available to students, parents, and faculty.


"The word that comes to mind is 'home.' I feel like no matter how much time it’s been, I return here and it is like coming home."

~ Oak Hill Alum

  • Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School
  • 801 South Spoede Road
  • Saint Louis, MO 63131-2699
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